3 Must Have Tech to Get You Through University

For those of us who are able to keep are head up (rather than staring down into phone), you should be well aware of how technology has taken over our world. One of the most important things you must do in College is to network. With todays cell phones and other technology, keeping in touch is easier than ever. This post highlights 3 must have’s to help you navigate through college

1. A cell phone

This was an easy one to come up with. With all the apps available that are capable of helping every aspect of your life such as dating and networking, I couldn’t imagine living without this handy piece of technology. Seems like everyone has an apple smartphone these days!

2. A tablet

Similar to a cellphone, a tablet is generally a bigger device that is capable to connecting to the internet. What that means is you can carry all your study material with everywhere. If you’re not too busy playing angry birds, maybe using one of the helpful study apps to help you pass that class you paid so much to take.. there’s a thought.

3. A Speaker

Some might not classify a portable speaker as a must have but I would. Now a days you can take online courses and with the help of a tablet, you can easily take your classes with you! Most portable speakers can easily connect to your smart phone or tablet through bluetooth technology. You can find the best portable speakers at loudestportablespeakers.com.

These 3 things is all you really need nowadays to help you through your school year. That and a box of Ramen that is lol.