All About BBG Workout and The Equipments Required

The BBG fitness program by Kayla Itsines is the name which you might have heard several times in the fitness blogs and social platform. Kayla Itsines is the fitness genius from Australia who has designed the BBG Workout for women who want to achieve bikini body. At very young age of 25, Kayla Itsines managed to design such effective workout and nutritional plan for women who want to transform their body and achieve a slim and trimmed figure. This Australian trainer has build the empire along with her effective fitness program and her success is demonstrated by her popularity on social networking sites and blogs over the internet.

About BBG Workout by Kayla Itsines!

BBG Workout is the fitness guide designed by popular Australian trainer called Kayla Itsines and it is was designed to address the increasing need of women to achieve bikini body. This fitness guide is designed to target the areas which are exposed when you wear a bikini, which is actually your whole body. This fitness program is all about eliminating the jiggle and tone the body. There are over five millions women across the world that are following her on instagram and this proves that her fitness program really works and can deliver you the figure which is suitable for a bikini wear.

This BBG Workout spans over 12 weeks. There are two circuits which you need to perform daily and each circuit must be perform for at least 7 minutes in the set of two and daily you need to perform the circuits and complete it within 28-30 minutes. On the last day of the week, you can rest and perform other light stretching exercises. This will help you to reduce the boredom which many of us may experience while performing the exercises.

The Equipments required for the BBG Workout

The BBG Workout requires very minimal exercising equipments which most of us have at our home. Some of the major equipments required for the fitness program include:

The BBG e-guide is portable and comprises of very effortless exercises which you can perform on regular basis to achieve a toned and trimmed figure. If you are a beginner, then consider starting the exercises gradually and increase the weights as you progress for for intense workouts. Some of the workouts also include moves like commandos, aquats, push-ups, lunges and more.


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