Give DIY Gifts and Gift Wrappers to your friends!!!!

Giving your hand made present can be very interesting. For special occasion such as Ney Year, Christmas, Parents anniversary or Friends Birthday or any other even, make it special for them by gifting it. Prepare a gift for your friends, you will be loved.

DIY Gift Box: using Carton Box

Use a carton box such as empty cereals box and cut it in to half in the front face of the box. Cut it open even on the sides. Open the entire cardboard and fold it in half. Fold the other halves in the upper region and bottom region. After folding, cut the regions in the middle and fold in the form of the box. Seal the sides with hot glue or sticking tape. Thus, now you get a good gift box made from your carton box.

DIY Candy Pouch:

Take a plastic cup or party cup. Decorate it with stickers. Cut the top portion of the tape. Stick a glitter or design tape on the top, such that it is stick half on the cup and half above. Punch a hole and tie a decorative thread or ribbon to it with a message. Before you seal the cup, place few candies and make it in the form of pouch. Thus, you get a candy pouch ready.

DIY Gift

DIY Gift Post:

You can make your own gift wrapped post box. Decorate the box of your gift, like your mail post. Colour it and stick an old stamp if you have. Now you get a new gift wrap made in the form of post. Surprise your loved ones with a hand-made post gift.

DIY with old scarf:

If you have and old scarf then spread it out. Place your gift in the middle, in the diagonal manner. Now tie the ends as a knot. Keep tying, two or three knots. Place an artificial or real flower and gift it to your friends. You can also use a star, designed leaf or any other pattern on the top of knot.

DIY paper decoration

Do not worry if you do not have any design plates. All you need for this purpose is a potato or okra or leaf and stamp pads or paints. If you are using a potato or okra cut them in to half. For potato, you may need to cut them in to designs such as triangle, square, circle. Now, take a covering plane paper and stamp pads with three or four different colours. All you need to do, is to dip them in the colour and stamp them on the paper.

DIY personalised wrapping paper:

Wrap our gift in the personalised paper. Print a collage of you and your friends and wrap it around the gift. This way, you will remind them the best times, you guys had together and as well, they will not throw away the wrapped sheet too. You will be making the gift and as well as the wrapping sheet both memorable.

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