Lie Detection tests – infidelity – does it really help

Before deciding or asking for polygraph test or Lie detection tests, one must understand what it is and for what they want from it. But in many cases, companies or individuals go for polygraph tests, when they come across suspicions of cheating or infidelity. Majority of the questions about Lie detection tests are related to accuracy of the results, type of questions, and types. Along with this, the other things on which they have questions are about outcome.

Infidelity and polygraph test:

Sometimes a combination of tests will be done for infidelity. Sometimes a person may call the Lie detection tests services and as for test since they suspect their partner of infidelity. It is important to do a research on your own and decide to go for test for infidelity. In some cases a person’s partner may accused him of cheating and to clear his name he himself may go for a test.


First thing is the person must be clear about what he is looking for and what his time frame is. Most of the questions are common and are related to sexual intercourse, sexual contact and passionate kiss. Along with this cheating is the most important thing which usually people think of when they are in some relationship. Moreover this is the thing which can highly impact the relationship. So, this will narrow down the questions category to sexual intercourse and sexual contact and they may leave the passionate kissing. Some of the questions that may asked are like this

You are in relationship with X, in this time frame have you had sexual relationship with anyone else?

This is an example of the question usually asked in the cases of partner cheating and this is just based on the general scenario. Usually the examiner picks up 2-3 important questions like above and they ask the same for many times. This will help them to speak more and more with the subject. When they repeat the question every time, they get an extra chance to assess about the person’s sexual contact.

But before going for a polygraph test one must be very clear about what they want. For example if the person wants to know more about passionate kissing then the examiner will dig on that and frame more questions on that. This will help them to increase the accuracy and reliability of the results of the polygraph test.

But once the examiner understands what the person wants, then they will try their best to satisfy him. They will make sure that each and every angle is covered. There will be questions on the person who is taking the test. For example some of them are

Is the person on any type of medication? If yes, what is it?

Is she pregnant?

Is the subject is addicted to alcohol or drug?

Do that person has undergone polygraph test before?

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