Are Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

Sash windows are made of one or more movable panels that form a frame to hold planes of glass, which are in turn separated from other panes by glazing bars. The panes are generally placed one above the other in a vertical way. These are traditional windows in most European countries. The main question that comes to the mind of anyone who is planning to get their windows replaced with these is weather they are energy efficient or not?

There are various ways to make even the basic sash windows energy efficient. There is no need to completely replace them with the latest energy efficient uPVC versions as suggested or believed by many people. A few modifications and DIY’s help make even anordinary window energy efficient.

Modifications to a regular window

Complete replacing of the existing windows is not just a waste of money but it may also spoil the look of the house. So, lets discuss a few of the easier options available –

  • Glass replacement – If the house was built before the 1920’s then there are chances that they might not have window glasses that are weather proof. To solve this and to conserve energy, replacing the existing glasses with double-glazed glass can help solve the issue. Most companies working with sash type windows now a days can perfectly install double glaze glass in the hardwood window frames which helps preserve the heritage of the house and serves the purpose.
  • Draught proofing – Ensuring that there are no gaps between the window and the wall as well as between the window panes will prevent heat loss through these holes. Draught proofing any of these gaps will help keep the heat inside. But care should be taken that the process does not block the ventilation of the room completely and the work should not mess up the surrounding area of the window. When these things are taken care then you can notice the difference in energy consumption.

  • Complete replacement – this is the last option after you have considered everything and you feel none of them are efficient enough. The whole windows are replaced which will cost a fortune but it’s better to get it done with a reputed and trustworthy company as a lot of care has to be taken so as to keep damage to the minimum during the process. But once can be rest assured that once the whole process is a success they will not have to worry about the energy consumption.

Any which ways, deciding on which is the right option depends on various factors such as the residing individual and the condition of the house etc. And this is an important and a major decision which is to be taken considering everything.


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