What’s The Importance of a Rental History?

To break it down for the noobs, rental histories are something landlords would undoubtedly look for if they are renting out their beloved property to someone. That being said, it is clear and evident that the importance of a rental history can just not be overlooked. Rental histories provide a record of your previous rental activities. This helps them to make sure that you have been a clean and loyal tenant and makes you eligible for renting their property.

Various criteria, like bounced checks, damaging rented property, complaints about the tenants, breach of agreement, delayed rental payments, etc. help them rule out bad tenants. After you fill a rental application, the landlord would want to make sure that besides your rental history, your employment history is positive too.  For this, the landlord might contact your employer as well as your landlords in the past. All of these let them ensure you can pay the rent on time and have been a good tenant.

If you have a low credit score, it proves to be against you. A low credit score signifies a lot of negative things, like unpaid rents, tax liens, personal bankruptcy, evictions or anything of that sort. Since landlords have an access to your information once you complete the application, unpaid credit cards and bills also affect your scores negatively.

Your behavior as a tenant in the past is something your landlord will definitely consider. If your potential landlord gets a negative feedback about you, like being noisy, paying rents late, or creating any trouble, you will be ruled out by the landlord. If your rental history has an eviction proceeding, it might cause problems for you too. You will have to prove that the eviction judgment was in your favor to overcome this problem.

If you have a bad rental history, it will make renting a house for yourself a challenging affair. You will have to move out of your way to explain yourself. And it’s very rare for people to believe your words rather than your rental history. So it is always advisable for a tenant to leave a good impression and score highest possible credit points through paying rents on time.

And if in case you have a bad rental history, take proper measures to fix it. You can apologize about your behavior if that has been the case. In case of causing damage to the property, you can settle it down to fix your rental history. Since finding a good house is more of a necessity, you need to make sure you do everything to retain a good name. This will make you an eligible tenant for every property and won’t put you through the trouble of having to settle down for anything less than what you want.

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