Why You Should Get an Automatic Pet Feeder

If you’re a pet lover then you might have a dog, cat, or any other pets in your family. A lot of things might go through your minds and you might only have very less time to spend with your pets. But have you ever thought about what your pets look forward to in their lives? Of course, the most they can ask for is your attention, a gentle rub on their belly, or some play time with you. Your pets will develop a strong bond with you and the only way you can appreciate them is by taking good care of them.

Feeding your pet is not an easy task, some dogs and cats will brush up almost anything that’s in their plate, while some pets are quite finicky about what they eat and demand specific food. Feeding them becomes tough, especially if you’ve two or more pets with different feeding habits. If you leave them to free-feed you might notice one getting bulkier while the other turns thin. You must make sure that your pets are equally fed, so that they are well-fed and healthy.

holiday dog feeder

Heavy work schedule demands overfeeding

This task becomes extremely difficult if you don’t have enough time to oversee their feeding times. That’s where the automatic, multi-meal pet feeder comes into use. If you’re going out for a day or two, leaving your pet home, a holiday dog feeder or any other multi-meal feeder will take care of your pets feeding requirements. The feeder can be programmed to dole out some small portions of meal several times a day. This will enable your pets to consume small quantity of fresh meals in regular intervals; thereby making them all feed on desired quantity of food everyday.

Many American pets, especially dogs and cats are facing dietary issues as they age. The recent years have led to a rise in pet obesity and this is the major factor that deteriorates the well-being of your pets. The major reason for this is people generally leave a lot of food in their pets’ plate for them to eat throughout the day. Imagine if you were given a supply of your favorite dessert throughout the day, would you say “no?” Anyone would certainly hog on the desert, the same holds for your pets.

Of course, you aren’t intentionally overfeeding your pets, but the busy schedule and heavy work load will leave you no other option but to do so. You often tend to leave a little extra on their plates, sometimes out of your guilt for not being able to spend some time with them. Over time, all these small treats will simply accumulate and cause some dietary or health issues in them. Pets can’t speak out, and it’s obviously impossible for them to let you know what’s troubling them. So it’s important to avoid such future health complications.

Overfeeding is dangerous to their health

A Pet Obesity Prevention study held by the Association of Prevention of Pet Illness in the year 2010 concluded that out of 171 million pets that lived in household, an estimate of around 93 million cats and dogs were obese or had other health issues related to obesity. The study concluded certain risks associated with excessive weight gain, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, osteoarthritis, and more.

Automatic holiday dog feeder or any other pet feeder can help you regulate your pets feeding habits and keep them away from major health issues related to dietary habits. Your pets are also part of your family, make sure you take good care of them and lead them through a healthy lifestyle.

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