Catching Millennials: A Hotel Chase

Don’t count out the millennials who make up a big bulk of the hotel guests. Seven of ten of them were found to have found leisure in hotels in 2014. That could have changed right now.  Don’t forget the millennials who are hoteliers. So, what do millennial hoteliers, hotel guests, and hotel staff have in common to the hotel operational aspect?

Since they all belong to a generation of tech savvy and mobile individuals, the “hotel in a cloud” would definitely be a hit. “Hotel in a cloud” is a form of property management system that uses cloud technology to manage and get access to hotel operations and services. For as long as there in internet connection, the cloud – based technology would give these millennials enhanced experience in their hotel stay.

hotel PMS

Features of the “Hotel in a Cloud”

  • The new hotel software beams information to and from a housekeeper’s mobile device, which eliminates phone calls to and from the front desk.
  • “Hotel in a cloud” can run critical reports on the front desk activity, current state of the business, booking data, and more.
  • Managers don’t have to be on – site to know what happens on the day – to – day operations of the hotel.
  • Customers can perform check – in and check – out using their phones. They can also avail of hotel services through access to the software.

What Does Hotel in a Cloud Offer to Millennial Customers?

  • Frictionless guest experience

Guests can just walk into their roomwith their phone. They have access totechnologies like WiFi, NFC, Beacon, and multi – channel communication.

  • Customized Service

Guests are well taken care of online. Providing millennial guests with digital interface such as Youtube and Spotify would make them feel at home.

  • In – Synch Local Services

This means that there is coordination with how services are delivered to them. For example, the hotel gets updates from the customer about his or her arrival.

Millennial – Ready Hotel

Aside from the technological savviness of the millennials and the features of the “hotel in a cloud”, it should also be considered that millennials like complimentary services, cocktail hours, free spa experience, and airport pick – up. They love to meet new and interesting people. They also value experience over luxury. These things should be considered in making a hotel a millennial– ready hotel.

The integration of cloud – based technology to the hotel property management system has definitely opened the floodgates of technology adoption to hotel operations. And this is to accommodate the needs of the millennials who make up a big bulk of hotel guests. The overwhelming number of millennials these days and in the years to come send a signal to hoteliers that they have to study what would make their hotels millennial – ready. Again, hotels have to know their guests and what they want.

However, it should be noted also that millennials are also individuals who socialize and love to be pampered. Hotels have to give them experiences that make them still humans despite their tech savviness.

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