Review of Sweat App by Kyla

Kyla has launched this bikini body guide’s app which is known as Sweat app and it helps in remaining fit and maintains your body with this fitness app. Here I present to you with sweat with Kayla review which is completely unbiased and genuine. This sweat app is quite disappointing although it has become a worldwide sensation. The app is designed and developed by Kayla who is a renowned fitness trainer and has made this app based on her experience with her clients and the success that she got.

Itsines sweat app

About the app

The BBG sweat app is a 12-week cardio app with a program of strength and cardio circuit workout but it can take around 13-24 weeks for being effective. There is no guarantee that the app will help you lose weight but it certainly teaches the right exercises to tone your body in a bikini shape by the daily workout of 30 minutes. The app also contains a section wherein there is a nutrition and diet guide for people looking to get in shape.

Sweat with Kayla Itsines App review

Recently after the success of bikini body workout, Kayla launched the Itsines sweat app about which I and other users were super excited. So I thought of trying out the app and write a review about it too. This app includes a new level known as BBG Stronger 3.0 which is a new feature added to the app. The Itsines app has been developed for the iOS platform and is available on the iTunes as well.

As I downloaded the app it was super easy to download and install. The app is a paid app and my debit card was instantly charged after my purchase. Then I started navigating and using the app instantly after set up. Although the design and interface were simple and easy to use, I was disappointed to find that the app was just a printed version of the BBG workout e-books and as I had already been using that book for a workout, it was just like browsing through that pages on the small iPhone screen. If you are already using the e-books then it is not worth the money. To read the full Sweat with Kayla app review read on