AAA in full means Approve Auto Repair it is designed to direct members to a reputable car repair facility for good auto repair. AAA works in collaboration with R & B Auto Centre. R& B auto centre is one of the best independent auto dealership in InlandEmpire, Fontana in California, United States of America. Approved Auto Repair AAA are made up of certified, professional technicians who have signed an agreement to always provide reliable car repair. Before any repair facility receives the AAA approved service, they must have been watched and proven to have good and qualified professionaltechnicians who renders great auto repairs to the vehicle—car, truck, SUV and others of their customer. So having your car repair in R & B Auto Centre is encouraged. R & B centre originated in 1985 and since then has not only put the vehicles of many in good shape but has also improved the lives of the citizens in the community of Inland Empire, Fontana, United States of America. It is vital to know that having your car repair in any of the repair facility that has the AAA approved service covers you in different ways. That is, there are many benefits attached when you become a member of AAA or when your car is repaired or serviced in such repair shops.


  • You are supported in time of dispute arising from the service or repair of your car.
  • You save 10% of labour and part. This goes up to $100 in one service.
  • You get your car repaired or serviced by professional and experience technicians or mechanic.
  • You are assured of getting routine maintenance on your car.
  • You get the estimate of the cost of maintenance—breakdown for car parts, the members discount and labour before the car is repaired.
  • AAA covers all car repair by AAA approved service auto repair facility for 2 years.AAA approved service


When your car breaks down, it is advisable to take it to a reliable and trusted repair facility that has professional technicians and mechanics. Most times, we end up taking our car for repair and service in any roadside repair facility who instead of putting the car back to shape creates more problems. AAA, known as approved Auto Repair has been a solution to this by identifying good repair facility with trusted mechanics where we can take our cars to.