Document language barriers

There are times in our lives where we are given opportunities for better livelihood. Sometimes, these moments come once in a lifetime. It is because of the rarity of this occurrence that people tend to grab the opportunity. These opportunities may come in different forms. One of which is migrating to a new country. A fresh start, a new job, a different culture. People get excited when things like these happen. Often too excited that they forget their documents are still written in their native tongues.

documents translated

Legal documents are very important when migrating to a different country. These documents such as birth certificates are required by the embassy of the country you are migrating to. But what if your birth certificate is still written in your native tongue, such as Spanish. The people in charge of immigration will need an English copy of your documents. The only thing you have to do is to get a Spanish birth certificate translation done. The question now is, where can you have that done? Luckily, ImmiTranslate may be able to solve your problem.

Guaranteed acceptance

There are a lot of companies that offer document translation, so why should you choose ImmiTranslate? Unlike other companies wherein you aren’t sure that your documents will be accepted by the USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, getting your documents translated by ImmiTranslate will. The company guarantees that all of the documents they’ve translated are accepted by the USCIS. This takes you one step closer to our dream of a better life, a better future.

1-day delivery

There are times where you need to get documents translated on short notice. ImmiTranslate is the perfect place to go to for that. They offer one of the fastest translation services you can find. You can get your documents emailed to you in just 24 hours, already translated. No more panicking as to where to get your legal documents translated fast. ImmiTranslate has got you covered.

Global reach

When getting your papers translated by the company, you are guaranteed to get accepted to almost any place you will migrate to, around the world. The documents they’ve translated are certified and widely accepted by a lot of agencies worldwide.

A secure line

Documents such as birth certificates contain a lot of vital information about a person. Any leak of this information may lead to the compromise of that person. It is vital that the transfer of info from the client to the company is secure. With ImmiTranslate, you don’t have to worry about these things. They use state of the art encryption for the original copies of the documents that you send them, as well as those they’ve already translated. They make sure that all your personal information is kept safe.

Then there comes the pricing. The company’s price is very straightforward and fair. There are some companies that might offer cheaper prices when translating but gain more. This is because of hidden charges. ImmiTranslate on the other hand does not have any hidden charges so you are paying them with the actual price they offer which is $25 per page. This includes up to 250 words translated per page. Honest, affordable, straightforward, and guaranteed acceptance is what makes ImmiTranslate one of the best translating service providers.