Porta potties save the day!

Comfort rooms are a very important part of any venue; it provides us a place to “relieve” ourselves. But what if the place to went to doesn’t have a bathroom or there’s a very long queue since there is only one common comfort room and you really need to go badly so you end up doing it somewhere else, most likely under a tree or something.

If you don’t ever want to experience this again or you are planning an event where you don’t want your guests to experience what you’ve experienced, it might be for the best to buy or rent portable bathrooms  to cater to your guests when nature calls on them. There are several benefits to this that would prove to be… relieving.

portable bathrooms

Your bathroom is a sacred place

So let’s say you planned a party and is expecting a lot of guests, you only have one bathroom to accommodate them with and you are quite stingy to the thought of you sharing your sacred room to others. Renting a portable toilet will solve your problem. The portable toilet will cater to your guests and will keep your sacred domain free from anybody but yourself. See, everybody happy!

Toilet under construction

There are definitely no toilets available at a construction site… yet. When you are overseeing a construction, you want to make sure that your workers have a proper place to do “it” instead of letting them do “it” wherever they want. Renting a portable toilet will give them a proper place to relieve themselves as well as keeping the construction site stink free.

Long-time no see, family.

In family reunions, you will expect a big crowd. Family members of all ages will come flocking to your place. Problem is you only have one time bathroom and that can’t surely accommodate everybody. A portable potty will give your family members an alternative place to relieve themselves. Don’t worry since there are portable toilets that can cater to people with wheelchairs so you don’t have to worry about dear old granny having trouble to get to your bathroom which is located at the second floor of your home.

No clean ups involved!

Probably the best thing about renting a portable toilet is that you are not the one responsible for waste clean-up and disposal. The company where you rented the portable toilets usually are the ones responsible for clean-ups and waste disposal so you don’t have to worry about hiring cleaning people to do the job, much less you do it yourself.

These portable toilets can really come in handy in situations where there are no toilets or lack of toilets on site. This gives your visitors and guests an alternative place to do “it” rather than just doing “it” in random places all around the venue. They are also cheaper than you having to construct a new toilet as well.