Seek professional Help in CV Preparation

Curriculum Vitae is the sales pitch for a prospective employee.  The best of CVs is prepared with passion not just facts and plugins.  There are a lot of service providers across the globe who work as per a set guideline and provide resume writing services.  The best CV is the one which is readable in less than 60 seconds by a recruiter.

CV preparation is an art and only practice makes a person perfect.  The best of inputs for CVs come from the job descriptions displayed by the employers.A CV which matches the requirements has most odds of being picked up for interview and further processing.

A CV is a reflection of the entire experience of a person through the education, credentials, certifications, extra-curricular activities, hobbies, interests, places travelled, designations handled, achievements in terms of monetary and non-monetary aspects.

CVs coupled with a passport size photograph are easy to spot and have a certain face value and charm.  The recruiter can easily understand the candidate’s dynamism in handling challenging roles, approximate age, experience, openness to learning etc.

6 years of experience should fit in 1 page of CV.  A standard font followed is Arial 9 or 10 depending on the content.

Personal details are not mandatory in a CV.  There are two formats of CVs broadly.  One is a CV which summarizes skill set, this doesn’t clearly draw out company wise duties and responsibilities. The other format is a standard one which draws the role and responsibility of an individual as per the company or designation handled.

In case of middle to senior roles, the first type CV makes a lot of sense as it would clearly draw attention to the person’s skillset and not to the designations handled.

The second type of CV goes well with anyone with less than 10 years of experience.

Overall the best help one can seek is to introspect from within as to what is the requirement and what does one seek to achieve.