You might be surprised to know that schools today actually integrate typing lessons into their curriculum. I’m sure when you used to go to school only the teachers had access to computers. Perhaps for some of you, computers weren’t even around at the time. Either way, times have definitely changed and the schools are doing what they can to keep up.

It’s evident in the way we live how important having a laptop is becoming. You don’t only need one for your social life but more and more careers depend on the use of one. Knowing this shouldn’t make it any more surprising why students today are partly graded on how well they type. It is, after all, becoming an essential skill to have.

Typing Your Way to a Career

Probably a decade or two ago, the careers that needed efficient typing were secretaries and typists. If you wanted to make a report you would do it on paper and give it to someone to type it up. Nowadays, you’re expected to do it yourself. So, no matter if you’re a top-ranking executive or a boss of a company, efficient typing is a must. Career fields like marketing, law, finance, and statistics all need this skill. So, if you or your kid want to ever be a successful litigator, some typing proficiency is needed.

It’s All in the Code

One particular career path that’s getting increasingly popular is that of startups and tech. Silicon Valley is experiencing a Renaissance of their own as more and more people are learning to code. You can easily spot one when you see someone type blazingly fast code on their laptops. The less error they make, the smoother their application will run. Tech engineers are judged on how well their software works. This means if they don’t know how to type properly, they might unknowingly create errors that will jeopardize their work. It just goes to show how typing fast has become a must have skill. Soon, the Kids Typing at school might create the next Facebook.

Just because you know how to type well doesn’t mean your career will automatically be a secretary or a typist. More and more jobs are requiring a proficient level of typing. Entire industries (such as tech) depend entirely on how well coders can type code. The faster they can type, the faster they can finish the work.