It is said that Mother is the child’s first teacher. Not all children are same and hence there may be a need for hiring a tutor. However you may be teaching your children, children learn differently with outsiders. Their behavior and learning differs with people other than parents. You need to check for signs that your child needs a tutor from

Signs that the child needs a tutor:

  1. The first sign is a decrease in the grade or scores in studies. This could be true for those who can do better and are not able to perform or for those who are week at studies and are unable to perform. Whatever is the reason, the slip in grades is a sure sign that the child needs help in studies may be because he is unable to understand or has a problem understanding things in the way they are taught.
  2. If your child unable to complete tasks in time consistently is also a sign that he needs help to manage his time. This kind of children are found struggling with finishing homework or projects or is getting delayed due to improper time management.
  3. Children may also be confused and unclear in certain type of concepts and is always in anxiety to answer a test on those concepts; they need help there as well.

How can a tutor help?

A tutor is someone who provides the child with the help required in putting his scores and grades back in shape. So, here are some pros of how children learn through a tutor

  1. When children are engaged with a tutor, the very first thing is that the tutor can give a one-on-one interaction with the child. This will help the tutor to design a learning pattern that is apt for your child, design the handouts/worksheets accordingly and even assessments can be designed accordingly. A good tutor will ensure to build concepts in the child.
  2. When your child is comfortable with the tutor, he will be able to complete his tasks on time saving the battles at home. With the right expertise of tutor like the ones from the child will be able to overcome his difficulties.
  3. A good tutor will build concepts by taking additional work hours or by developing worksheets, assessments or materials. The tutor may also be contacting the school to help the child even more. Once the child is clear on concepts of the particular subject, it will build his confidence levels and he will not fear the assessments. This would result in good grades at school which will in turn boost his confidence and the child will tend to be more interested in the subject.
  4. Tutors teaching when combined with help from parents will give excellent results. This will certainly be seen in the form of grades and improved confidence in children.