Online examination and its features

Online examination is an exam taken on the computer instead of the traditional form of writing an exam on paper. There is a username and password required for online examination. The student can bring his own device to appear for the exam or the examination body provides with PC’s to everyone in a particular place to appear for the exam. The latter option is called proctored exam where the students are supervised over while appearing for the exam. There are usually multiple choices, true or false and short answers to write for e-exams.


E-exams can or cannot be time based.

The exams does not require any downloading or plug-ins. It can be taken through the browser.

The questions can be changed for each student and the order of the questions can also be changed to make the exam completely unique for each student.

Students are reminded how much time is left for them to finish the exam.

The results are informed immediately to the students after taking the exam

Students are allowed to retake the exams

Malpractices are less recorded in e-exams when compared with the normal exam. Measures are taken constantly to make the exams tamper free.

In place of the student, another person can appear for the exam. To curb this problem, biometric technology, iris image, finger printing facility and student ID numbers are used to identify the person.

CCTV’s are installed in the exam halls to prevent cheating.

Screen shots of the exams are not allowed to be taken as the student can send it to other students who are appearing for the same exam.

The students can cheat by peeping into others system but since the questionnaires are different for each student, it becomes difficult for them to cheat.

When limited time is allotted for each answer, there is no time to spend in cheating.

Proctored exams are supervised exams where the supervisor can watch the students take the exam.

In case of any malpractice the computer gives red flags to the students.

These are some of the features of online examination. The flexibility and the security provided by the e-exams are immense and that is why many institutions are changing to it. Paper exams are soon going to finish and pave the road for e-exams.