The concept of Online Tutoring

Now a days everyone is looking for comfort and they are trying to get all the work done from the comfort of their house or any place in general. This is the underlying principle how online tutoring has become stream of workand there are many websites where you can find tutors for any subject. These websites do not have any office where these people sit and work, the teachers can be in any part of the world and the website is just themiddle man who gets the students and teachers to connect.

Online Tutoring VS Conventional Tutoring

There are many pros and cons for both the types of tutoring. Let’s see a few here –

Pros of Online Tutoring

  • No commute at all for either the student or tutor. So, basically no time waste for anyone. This leaves extra time at hand for the student to pursue any other work and the tutor extra hours to teach.
  • 24/7 availability. There are many tutors available and a student can choose one based on his convenience and work around the schedule.
  • Can get tutored sitting anywhere. And the same applies for the tutor. This gives the added advantage of being able to learn from a person who is an expert in the field and is located in another country or continent.
  • Online tutoring is basically one on one sessions. So the tutor gives his complete attention to one student only and the student can get his doubts clarified at the same time without the fear of disturbing any other students around.
  • Students and/or parents can check the reviews of a particular tutor and then hire him. This does guarantee the capability of the person to an extent. And they can also compare the pay of a few shortlisted people and then hire according to the budget.
  • Teachers can enrol in various websites and visibility is easy. People around will know that you are willing to tutor rather than you going around trying to let everyone know your work.

Cons of Online tutoring

  • Personal touch will be missing. There is a difference obviously when two people are not sitting in the same room. The facial expressions and body language is not clear.
  • Internet connectivity might give issues sometimes which can lead to time waste and sometimes missing a whole session.
  • Online tutoring is costlier than the traditional tutoring. We tend to opt for the best in the field experts who charge way too high than the ones available locally.
  • As these are hourly basis classes, there is limited availability sometimes which is not the case in in-person sessions as you can stay back a few minutes and get your doubts clarified.

Which is better? There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on the situation of the student and personal preferences.