Why Man of Steel is Good and Bad at the Same Time

Christopher Nolan succeeded with the Dark Knight franchise, and people praised him for shedding some new light, and probably darkness, on the world’s greatest anti-hero. Last year, he released Man of Steel, his adaptation of Superman and his origins – from the devastated planet of Krypton to the corn fields of Smallville. But did it live up to the expectations of comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike?

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Superman we needed

Be honest. Henry Cavill’s Superman was probably one of the best Superman adaptations since Christopher Reeve. Granted, Brandon Routh ended up with terrible writing and directing that his Superman never had a chance.

But there was something about Cavill’s Superman that made it all the more appealing. He was able to convey Clark Kent’s humanity that we see the anguish of being able to do everything and nothing at the same time. Will he ever be as good as Christopher Reeve? Maybe, but that’s way down the road.

Why was the movie so good?

Man of Steel has been dubbed as a successful adaptation of Superman’s origins and the transition from being a confused farm boy to a benevolent superhero was as quick as he is. Story-wise, the movie deserves a 10/10 rating, but it does tend to slow down somewhere in the middle with a few boring parts in the middle – critics were bored to the point of asking if a particular scene was necessary. Henry Cavill did an amazing job as Clark Kent, but there was still something missing. We cannot ignore the other actors like Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, and Russell Crowe, who all did an amazing job in portraying Martha and Jonathan Kent, and Jor-El respectively.

Why was the movie bad?

The film has had more negative reviews than praises, and for a lot of reasons too. While it did an amazing job with the story and character development, the pacing was inconsistent. There were scenes where there was just too much happening and some scenes that were uneventful. Nolan may have succeeded in making use of a dark and morose atmosphere for The Dark Knight Trilogy, but it didn’t work quite as well in Man of Steel. There were also some disappointing turn of events that could have been quite interesting if they happened the other way around. SPOILER ALERT. In the last scene where Superman had Zod in a sleeper hold and just when Zod was about to kill the family with his laser eyes, Superman kills him. Now, we see Superman in anguish over taking a life, remembering what Jonathan Kent taught him about his powers. It was clear that Nolan wanted to retain DC’s moral standards of NOT KILLING, but I think it would’ve been more awesome if he didn’t feel anything at all. His crying over killing Zod made it look like it was more painful for him to kill than to save lives.

Bottom line

Man of Steel is still a movie that people need to watch, and it’s not so much for the comic fans but for people just starting to appreciate Superman and the DC universe. It may not be as bright or funny as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they have their own appeal. You can watch Man of Steel on movies123 free.