Buy RS Gold Without Banning Your Account

Technology has greatly influenced the trading industry today. If you are tech savvy, you must have heard about real-word trading which plays a big part in Runescape. Real-world traders actually exchange gold mined in Runescape for the real deal. You can even buy rs gold just as long as you know where to buy from. It is very important that you know how to transact to avoid being banned by video game developers when it comes to real-world trading.


Learn When to Buy

There are several video game developers who would rather not see their players sell and buy gold. However, with the recent trend in real-world trading, many are accepting this strategy to ensure that their players stay with them. A video game developer will not follow your every move. They have other issues to attend to, generally. However, if the frequency of your gold trading becomes too apparent, then they will have to step in. Avoid buying too often as this will earn you the attention of video game developers. You might get kicked out if this happens.

Beware of Bots

There are various factors that need to be considered when buying rs gold. These include sales that are gained through bots and macros. You might get banned if you trade this way as macros and bots are completely not allowed in Runescape. There are means where the usage of bots and macros can be detected and it may result into an action taken against you. Look for a place where you can buy rs gold without getting your account banned.

Face-to-face Deals

Other video game developers allow transactions that include gratuitous giving of gold to another player. This simply means that you can give your gold to your co-player by means of a gift. When this happens, no third party gets involved in the process so you can safely carry out the trading. It is actually the safer and more acceptable means of trading gold in Runescape.

Real-world trading cannot be dismissed. It happens whether video game developers like it or not. Buying gold online isn’t a crime but you have to be wary of the rules and regulations of the game you are playing. You have to make sure that you are trading gold safely and through the proper method. Otherwise, your account may get banned and you just might not get to play ever again.