Is GTA 6 About to Have a Female Lead Protagonist?

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for many things; shiny vehicles, grand mansions, hookers are seen left-and-right, and male protagonists. With that in mind, it does make a lot of gamers wonder, “Where are the female GTA protagonists?”

Even with GTA V, the latest in the franchise, and its multi-character system in its offline mode, there’s still a large scarcity of female protagonists, especially for the lead role. Michael, Franklin, and, of course, Trevor, work hand-in-hand in Los Santos to get loot, get rich, and perhaps get laid somewhere in between. If the next iteration of the series will have a female protagonist, how will the gaming community react to the new situation?

Breaking New Territories

 Rockstar games continue to revolutionize the gaming industry by bringing new content and surprises in every GTA iteration. The addition of a Grand Theft Auto 6 Female Protagonist will without a doubt bring the series to new territories. A female lead can pose a potential to start fresh as the storyline can become interesting and magnified. But could this also mean that an increase of a fan base of GTA players be in the midst if the next protagonist would be female? There’s still a good chance that some players would fight over their controllers with the wives, sisters, and girlfriends to play GTA 6 if this would happen. However, with GTA’s lush history of breaking into banks, stealing cars, and grabbing hookers, a female lead would no doubt spark a new breed of controversies.

The Risks Involved

In Western culture, especially in the United States, most offenses related to gun violence are from the doings of the male gender. However, you’d be hard-pressed to see news about women going on a shooting spree. Therefore, if Rockstar Games would insert a female lead protagonist in the next iteration of the world-renowned video game franchise, then there’s going to be a lot of risks involved, especially when you take into account that a large majority of GTA players are male. Some might even find it difficult to digest if the next GTA lead protagonist is a woman.

So What Can Be Done?

Even though GTA 6 won’t hit physical and digital store shelves anytime soon, Rockstar Games isn’t just twiddling their thumbs doing nothing. There are now multiple rumors spreading around the World Wide Web that there’s still a definite possibility of GTA 6 to have a lead female role. It’s still a risky endeavor, but what the developers can do is perhaps they can create a beta version of the game with a female lead to see what the community (and others) think about the decision regarding the main protagonist.

Upon reading this post, what do you think? Should Grand Theft Auto 6 have a female lead protagonist? What do you think might happen if Rockstar Games went ahead with this path?