American punters jubilate when the United States (US) Supreme Court has erased the federal law that prohibits sports betting in the majority of North America’s states earlier this month. The prohibition was lifted after a 6-3 vote but the question is right now is that how will this affect both the world of sports and for the odds-maker?

Sports betting and other forms of gambling were considered illegal in most states except Nevada in Las Vegas where people can place bets online and at the casinos 24/7 nonstop, regardless of the amount and with the lifting of the prohibition, it might blow out into proportions in the coming years considering that Americans are huge fans of sports and also known for being generous when it comes to gambling.

Sports betting

However, the legalization of sports betting could also fester mistrust in both the gambling world and the sporting world. Who wants to place a wager on a team that happens to be a two-point underdog? That’s one of the scenarios in placing a wager once the legalization of sports betting will be fully implemented in all of the states.

With most of the popular professional leagues such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), and the NCAA tournament and other forms of sports tournaments in the United States, it is undoubtedly that majority of the Americans have a huge interest in sports betting but sadly, it was initially considered illegal and you have to fly your way to Las Vegas just to place your bets.

The primary reason why sports betting was considered illegal in most of the states in North America was that to prevent any game fixing and also to protect the integrity of the professional and collegiate athletes. This was proposed and approved by the US Senate and the US Supreme Court through former basketball player turned Senator Bill Bradley in 1992.

For an average person, there is already a formulated pro and cons with the legalization of sports betting but on the brighter side, there are still a lot of benefits in legalizing sports betting in many reasons. Dewatogel, a sports betting site in Singapore listed the benefits of legalizing sports betting.

  • Legal behaviors- People in a certain state that are allowed to gamble tends to curb their illegal activities dramatically because their attention is already shifted to another form of entertainment and vice which is considered legal based on human behavior. In a simpler manner, the more you prevent a person from doing a thing that they are used to, the more they will break your rules.
  • Economic booster- Legalized gambling and legalized sports betting generate bigger taxes from sportsbooks and online betting sites because punters are not afraid anymore to place their bets unlike before. The legalization of sports betting means sportsbooks are now required to be taxed.
  • Added excitement- Cheering for your favorite athlete and a team is already an exciting experience, how much more you’ve already placed a huge bet on them? Added excitement means added enthusiasm which generates more income for professional leagues in terms of patronization.
  • Added popularity- Sports heroes become more popular since gamblers who are usually found in casinos or found playing online pokers in their phones have now gained interest in watching sports games as they also want to place bets and gamble.