Get To Know Your Navy SEALs

What is a Navy SEAL? Perhaps you have heard of this term in many of your readings and it is important to understand more on who these people are. For instance, you have chris osman navy seal who has contributed a lot in the field. This article will take you over to a glimpse on this man.


The origins of the SEALs can be traced back once again to World War II when units called the Amphibious Scouts and Raiders were useful for demolition work. These Navy Frogmen distinguished themselves in all fields of battle during the War. Not many candidates have the ability to clear working out regimen and leave the US Navy SEALs course mid-way. Moreover, the ultimate pass percentage is really low and you need to perform well to become Navy SEAL.

Seeing all of those things stated above, the SEALs may well have excellent physical state and capabilities as opposed to ordinary people. That’s the reason lots of people want similar shape just as the Navy SEALs. The problem is not everybody might have accessibility to the SEAL workout courses unless of course they join the Navy. A required test is a requirement. This is the mandatory requirement for, It’s so tough to obtain by this test that each candidates are nearly always worn out immediately after! Initially the candidates must swim 500 yards using breast or side stroke within just 12.5 minutes.


Prior to enlistment, all Navy SEALs aspirants have to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVB). The grades or marks in the test would indicate the candidate’s intellectual feasibility of learning to be a Navy SEAL. Civilian recruits, naval service men, navy reservists, navy veterans, other service veterans, and officers can apply for learning to be a US Navy SEAL provided they meet all certain requirements which can be a pre-requisite. For example, chris osman navy seal website has several information about these things.

Chris Osman

Chris Osman is a former Navy SEAL and defense contractor and during August of 2017, he has found himself slumped at the rear end of a jail cell in a detention facility in South Bay being accessory to twin felony counts of battery and assault. This former Marine has been convicted and booked by the sheriff’s deputies in San Diego county after a road rage incident on Ebony Avenue in California. What happened?

Osman was witnessed pummeling a motorist, ages in teenager, after the boy served into his lane without actually seeing him. One of the witnesses who was there was able to pull Osman off from the boy fortunately. The former Navy SEAL escaped the scene but was arrested. He plead guilty in Chula Vista high court to a sole count of misdemeanor back in December during the same year.

As you can see, there are Navy SEAL members who have achievements and there are also those who are involved in these types of incidents. Should you wish to know more, you can visit several websites that write about them.