The Challenging Mission Of A Civilian Life: A Successful Entrepreneur

The life of a Navy Seal is not easy. Anyone can be in the middle of a war, which life and death clash. Anyone who has been in the military is actually brave ones, just like Brandon Webb Navy Seal. For him, adversity never exists if anyone has the determination to achieve something. The former Navy Seal decided on leaving elite special operations forces for entrepreneurship. During his military life, he had managed a team of snipers and had completed four deployments to the Middle East. See how brave he was? Everyone would probably admire what he had been through. He can be a role model for those who think that poverty is a hindrance to success. He molds his life at an early age without his parents with him. Webb is truly an amazing man of action.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal

An entrepreneur: a challenging mission

Brandon decided of entering the entrepreneurial life. For him, becoming an entrepreneur is the most challenging mission in his civilian life. By the time he left military service, he had decided of becoming an entrepreneur, which he actually achieved. He is a successful entrepreneur right now. But, just like with the other successful entrepreneurs, Brandon’s business was down before. He was not a successful entrepreneur on his first step in the business. He then realized how challenging it was, as if, it can be considered as the most challenging mission in his civilian life. After 13 years of service in the Navy, he started a business. He landed his first venture that fails, he had lost everything, his life, his marriage, and his children.

A brave man wins

Brandon Webb Navy SealWith these downfalls in his life, he did not give up. What will be the essence of being one of the most notable US military Navy Seal if he gives up? He had passed all the obstacles during his Navy Seal journey, so how about his entrepreneurial life? He had seen a lot of young entrepreneurs who have inspired him the most. For him, when choosing partners, considered it as a long-term relationship. With that failure on the first venture, he was then advised by his lawyer reminding him about the difference between failing and quitting. Brandon is a man of no fear when it comes to anything, aside from his family. He fears his family to get lost, but not with anything. So, Brandon took a day job in San Diego at a defense company. He had rebuilt his life savings and started blogging. He had started blogging making it as a business.