The furnace has many components that push the furnace to work well. One of the components is a thermocouple. This component is situated close to the pilot light burner. The thermocouple is a safety device that functions to switch off the gas if at some point the pilot light goes out or the electric igniter does not work. If the pilot light is off, then the thermocouple is likely to be damaged and must be replaced. To replace a thermocouple, you have to do some things like tightening the thermocouple with a wrench. You have to be careful and do not apply too much pressure on the nuts, just tighten a little. After that, try to turn on the pilot light. If the pilot light will not start, you should fix a new thermocouple of the same type. Before replacing the thermocouple, make sure you have cleaned all the components in your furnace. You can hire the services of alberta furnace cleaning to help you clean the furnace.

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How to Replace a Damaged Thermocouple?

In order for the furnace and to work properly, you must ensure that all of its components do not have any damage. Moreover, for thermocouples. This component is an important component used to regulate the temperature. If the thermocouple is dirty, then the temperature measured is not accurate. It means you have to clean your thermocouple or you can contact an alberta furnace cleaning service. Then, what if your thermocouple is broken? It can be changed easily and the following ways:

  • Remove the connection nut and copper lead inside the threaded connection to the gas line.
  • Now in the bracket hole, insert the new thermocouple. Under the bracket, you must connect the nut to the threaded connection where copper lead is connected to the gas line.
  • Screw tight bolts into place and should not be too tight.