Best Massage Therapy for Seniors

Massage therapy is known to the younger generations. They go to a session to relieve their body from stress. It is believed that a these sessions can help clear our mind and our body. This is the reason why more and more people are becoming a fan of this relaxing, soul healing, spirit cleansing, therapy sessions.

On the order hand, even our senior citizens can be benefited with massage therapy. Many researchers suggest that this can be helpful to help with conditions commonly associated with aging. Let’s look at the possible benefits that the senior citizens can get out of these massage therapies.

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This is most commonly termed as the “wear and tear” arthritis. This is one of the most severe conditions of the joints. We know that this is most common among seniors and it can affect any part including the hips, knees, fingers, which causes pain, stiffness, and swelling. A study shows that massage therapy is effective for osteoporosis of the knee. It is believed that it can reduce the pain and may improve physical functions.


After a stroke attack, once stabilized, a patient can still experience symptoms which may include weakness, pain, balance and coordination problems, as well as fatigue. Latest studies show that a massage therapy can reduce anxiety and pain which can improve the person’s sensorimotor functions after stroke.


Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is one of the common forms of dementia. It causes problems with memory, behavior, and thinking. Agitation is a symptom of Alzheimer’s which may include pacing, wandering and resisting. Research shows that hand massage helps in relaxation and can reduce aggressiveness.

It is expected that as a person ages, more aches and pains are gonna be experienced. Massage therapy can help the seniors be relieved of many pains. Because of this, seniors will have a chance to live longer, healthier lives, and will be physically active longer than those who suffer from these pains.