A urine drug test is among the most common types of tests that can be administered to determine drug use. With an array of detox formulas there is a real possibility of passing the test. The issue comes about when the test is required at short notice- 24 hour notice to be exact. Is this really possible? There is absolutely NO way to attain a complete detox that fast! There is however tactics that can be employed to get a clean bill of health. Here’s how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours.

Synthetic urine

This is a readily available alternative that can be offered as alternative to the real deal. Due to the level of privacy that has to be maintained while conducting this affair, there is a high chance that the exercise won’t be supervised. This is the perfect condition to whip out a good measure of synthetic urine.

However there is a catch. The urine must be of the right temperature or else it will raise eyebrows. Those administering the test have a checklist that they refer to when it comes to testing urine samples.

Urea, uric acid plus other important waste elements must be present for the sample to seen as credible. In order for this method to work there has to be an element of privacy where the tester has no say during collection. Delivery and actual testing pretty much covers their mandate.

how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours

Supervised tests

In some cases the test may be supervised. This way the remaining option is cleansing drinks and formulas.

How they work.

Passing the urine test involves a quick fix to the problem with a low chance of detection. There is a lot of information on How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours especially with common culprits such as marijuana being sought out. Its active component THC is a highly fat soluble which means that it is likely to travel and settle in different parts of the body including hair strands.

This makes flushing an incredible difficult undertaking that simply cannot be completed in a 24 hour cycle. The best bet is to have a readymade solution that is able to mask the toxins present in urine. Detox drinks are a viable option that can be used to conceal the actual presence of drug metabolites even under the lab setting.

For these drinks to actually work one has to adhere strictly to the instructions as well as the timeline. Preparing for these two eventualities will go a long way in ensuring that drug won’t be possibly detected.

Drug tests usually have a defining implication depending on the outcome. There is absolutely no need to be on the defensive or miss out on some big opportunity based on a technicality. There is always some solution that is able to bypass lab quality tests and give a decent outcome that everyone will be happy with.

24 hour ultimatum is a sudden do or dies moment that can be properly countered with a clever plan of action. Act now and avoid the worst.