We often hear the term “health is wealth”, but unfortunately, you, the busy bees of 21st   century, do not even have the time to sit and think of the importance of it. You are busy in building up your careers and above all in making money, ignoring your physical and mental health. But if you carry on leading  lives in such a way, then the day is not so far when you would have to be busy only in taking care of your health. So it’s high time to be conscious enough of your fitness and the primary step for that is to build a fitness regimen.

What is a fitness regimen:

Fitness programs are generally a well managed and proper plan of the exercises with proper timing and order. A proper food habit is also important to be fit. So a completely balanced diet chart should also be included in our fitness plans. In the beginning, it may seem little bit challenging for us to follow a scheduled life and to avoid the mouthwatering junk foods, but once you get started, generally it would be easier. But the one thing to be remembered is that you should not plan it in our own way or according to any of your friends or relatives, but always should depend on an expert’s advice.

What is a fitness


A regular and proper  fitness regime helps in enhancing the overall health of yours. It helps in boosting up your energy level, enhances blood circulation, and improves immunity as well, only if you are consistent. Regular work out will help in building  our muscles and bones stronger. It not only keeps us physically healthy, but also has a great impact on our mental health also. A mingled routine, including proper exercise and a healthy diet, positively effects on the function of your brain. It elevates the flow of blood to brain and upgrades your memory. As it helps in staying fit and in looking well overall, it increases your confidence level and nurture your personality as well.

So you can easily conclude that there is no other substitute for a regular fitness regime to take care of your body and mind. A person having a good physical and mental health is no doubt the wealthiest, and you all want to be wealthy somehow. So let’s get started…!