One of the most critical parts of the house is the floor. It is a focal point of every house. People move on it, and furniture is on it. The constant usage of the floor makes it very important to maintain and to keep it clean always. Often, when we change the position of our furniture such as a couch, bed, and others, we usually experience a change on the floor. This usually makes the floor of your house to have a dingy appearance.

To restore your floor, you must consider taking a sensational look at this rejuvenate floor cleaners reviews. The importance of this review can’t be overlooked to know the right floor cleaner to buy or to avoid. There are many products manufactured by Rejuvenate to meet the need of your floor. There are many products used to restore the floor that is stated in this floor cleaners review. Each of them has their pros and construction.

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Some of them are:

  1. All Floors Restorer

All floors restorer is said to fill in scratches, give the floor a complete restoration without sanding, and also promise to remove dull grime. This floor restorer works fill in scratches. It protects the wood floor with its polymer nature. You can use it without any need to mix or dilute it. Before you apply it on your floor, you need first to clean the surface of your floor. This is done to get rid of all existing dirt and grime. You can now apply the formula and wipe with a clean cloth to restore your floor.


  • It can be used not only on hardwoods, but other flooring type as well.


  1. You need to apply continually and reapply it once you start using the product as it may your floor shiny for a short period.

Application of this floor cleaner is difficult especially to old floor surfaces as they have irregular surfaces.

  1. Durable Satin Finish

This is another floor restorer in our review. This Rejuvenate floor restorer involves less maintenance. It is well suitable for woods floor surface that has less gloss. It aids in filling in scratches as well as dents seen in the floor. There is no need of sanding before it rests on your existing floor surface. To use it, get rid of dirt and dust from the surface. Apply it gently witha soft cloth till you cover all the surface. Then allow it to dry.


  • The floors’ beauty is restored.


  • Only suitable for hardwoods.