Sash windows are a part of the British heritage. It is here that they had become famous and became a part of all the houses that were built during that era. Even now most of the historically famous buildings have wooden sash model windows. There have been many advancements that came in after their invention. But as the saying goes ‘Old is Gold’ and the wooden windows still have their charm.

Though there were many types that came in between, the uPVC is the only one that has become famous and is used now a days in many newly built houses as well as when replacements are done at the older homes.

Old vs New

As usual both the old and the new versions have their own pros and cons. There are a few who feel the older model is more appealing than the new ones and vice versa. Let’s compare them on some factors to know which one has an advantage over the other on different aspects.

  • Material – This is one of the most distinguishing factors in the two. The older sash windows were made of complete wooden frames which were built into the walls. The newer uPVC windows are made of a material called vinyl which is more relatable to plastic. The sash mechanism in the wooden windows was made of rope whereas the vinyl windows have sash made with nylon rope and some plastic and metal are utilized for the sash mechanism.
  • Colour and Appearance – when it comes to the wooden windows any colour can be painted depending on individual’s interest. But, vinyl usually comes in white colour and dark colours are difficult to manufacture and are very costly. Appearance wise wooden ones have a natural historic look and vinyl are modern and classy.
  • Cost – this is one of the main factors why people choose vinyl over wooden windows now. Wooden windows are a costly affair when compared to vinyl counterparts.
  • Insulating and maintenance – In these aspects, the wooden windows win the insulation criteria and vinyl wins the maintenance one. Wooden windows require to be painted initially as well as frequent enough to maintain the look but vinyl windows do not need anything of the sort.
  • Ease of purchase – After vinyl windows entered and started taking on the market of the wooden windows, there are very few manufacturers who make and sell wooden sash windows. Due to this reason it might take time to locate and get wooden windows made. But when resale is considered, wooden windows have a very good resale value. Vinyl on the other hand does have resale as new homes are built with vinyl windows to cut the pricing.