All You Need to Know About the Meditation Posture

If you are sitting down for meditation, you might wonder if you are doing it right. There are different forms of meditation all around the world. However, what’s similar about all of the people who meditate, is their meditation posture. This is the meditation posture that is popular all around the globe in order to calm the mind and the body.

Meditation Posture

         What is the best meditation posture for you? Remember that your posture will affect your focus and concentration. If you’re not correctly positioned, you will feel tired, or tense on the other parts of the body. So let us learn all about the universal posture,and how it should be done properly.

Ways to Sit for Meditation

            When sitting for meditation, you need to find the most comfortable position for you. It would also help if you are using one of the best meditation cushions. So how to sit properly for meditation?

  • The Quarter Lotus. You can sit on your meditation cushion with your legs crossed loosely where both feet are resting on the opposite thigh or knee. This is the widely used method all around the world.
  • The Half Lotus. This is a different variation of the Quarter Lotis. Here, your legs are crossed while one foot is resting on the opposite thigh. You can either fold the foot on top of your leg or beneath the thigh.
  • The Full Lotus. On this position, your legs are crossed where both feet are resting on top of the opposite thighs.
  • The Burmese Position. There are some cases that a participant cant sit with their legs crossed. That will not be a problem. You can just sit where both feet are laying on the floor in a relaxed position.
  • You can also kneel while putting a cushion between your legs. This is another way to meditate instead of sitting. This is a propped up Vajrasana.
  • Chair. If cross-sitting or kneeling cat be done, you can just sit on a chair. Just make sure that your back is not against the back of the chair. Place your feet flat on the floor and align your hips as well as your knees.

These are the most common meditation positions that you can incorporate into your meditation sessions. There are people who ask if they can meditate while lying down. It is definitely possible. However, you will likely fall asleep. Just find the best position for you which can promote better posture for your body while you meditate.