Buy Pepper Spray To Fight Against Assault

Pepper spray is a prominent defense weapon and it is strongly recommended for women to carry it with them in order to tackle the assault and stand strong against it.

Formulation of the pepper spray

How to use the pepper sprays efficiently?

While defending the attack it is recommended to maintain a proper distance from the attacker and then-

  • Target the eyes and face of the attacker with spray and it is suggested to avoid extending your hand as the attacker may grab them.
  • Move aside but observe their reaction in order to decide whether another shot is needed or not.
  • The last step in defending an assault is to run and inform the family and officials.

The wind and rain could change the effectiveness of the spray so beware and make your move wisely.

Formulation of the pepper spray

The concentrations of a pepper spray range from 1 to 18 percent. Usually people think that from 15 to 18 percent are considered as the best one as it holds highest amount of the OC. However, heat rating is the most reliable method of measuring the effectiveness of the spray. OC pepper spray’s ratings are measured in SHU (Scoville heat units). A standard spray’s SHU is zero while that of the Habanero peppers lie from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000. Therefore, before shopping for a defense spray one must consider the heat rating more than the percent of concentration. So if you are facing any kind of assault at any place then here you can buy pepper spray.

Why peppers spray for defense?

One of the main benefits of using pepper spray as a defense weapon is that it has the ability of keeping a safe distance from an assailant while resisting the attack. Mostly, these sprays could range from eight to ten feet and they are so quick that they start affecting the bad guy as soon as it comes in his or her eye’s contact. So, be responsible for your own safety as here you can buy pepper spray.