Diseases That Can Be Obtained Because of Indoor Air Pollution

Due to industrialism and the dominance of mankind, pollution had been extensive throughout the world. The very dangerous pollution is in the air. Air is needed by humans and all living creatures to live. However, with the air being polluted, it is a fact that we are no longer breathing a 100% clean and fresh air.

With the existence of pollutants in the air, there is a great possibility of harboring diseases from these. We are not safe even if we are indoors. It has already been discovered about what illness can we garner from indoor air pollution. Here are the diseases that can be obtained from Indoor Air Pollution.


A Stroke occurs when there is poor blood flow towards the brain. This can lead to paralyzation and even death. Air pollutants make oxygen dirty. The body needs oxygen to regulate blood flow. Dirty oxygen can clog blood ways, therefore, creating insufficient blood flow.

Respiratory Infection

Respiratory Infection is a generalized term for pneumonia and bronchitis. This is an inflammatory in the organs of the respiratory system. This can cause swelling of the lungs and can create chest pains and breathing difficulties. Air pollutants primarily affect the lungs since this is where air passes through.

 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

 The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is the difficulty of breathing. It is a progressive disease meaning it can worsen over time. Its symptoms include frequent coughing and short of breath. Air pollutants clog airways, therefore, triggering this disease.

 Lung Cancer

Lung cancer occurs because of the presence of cancer cells in the lungs. This can worsen and cause death. Air pollutants can stimulate irregular reactions in the lungs that can trigger the cancer cells.

Coronary Artery Diseases

This is a disease in the arteries of the heart. This can cause chest pains and if not treated can cause a heart attack. Air pollutants do not linger in the lungs. It also travels to the arteries and also clogging them. Therefore, causing a blockage in the artery.

With all of these lethal respiratory diseases, we can definitely say that we are inhaling death in our body system. Since it is already nearly impossible to clean the air, experts had found ways to convert polluted air to purified air. The best air purifier available in the market is a Room Air Purifier. It is known to be able to cleanse the air that enters the vents of the device. It filters the dirt and kills bacteria that are present in the air. To buy your own air purifier please click here.