If you’re buying an opal ring, the first thing to do is to educate yourself through opal ring reviews and other information regarding the stone. Opal ring reviews not only helps you estimate the quality of the product, but also that of the seller. The value of an opal stone does not just depend on its nature, but also from the place where it’s mined. So, it’s important to know where opals on the ring that you’re buying are from.

Learn about the different types of opals and the differences between their clarity, quality, body tone, and their prices. Solid opal stones are natural opal stones that are only cut and polished without undergoing any other treatment or process before getting fixed on your ring. Doublets and triplets are artificial opal stones which only has a thin layer of natural opal. They both contain a black background layer to enhance the shine of the stone.

The only difference between a doublet and a triplet is that a triplet has an extra third layer of transparent material on top of the layer of the natural opal. This transparent layer is usually made of quartz or glass. Since the clarity and shine of the stone is artificially enhanced, these stones costs lesser than a solid opal which is completely natural.

The best way to buy opals are on the internet because you can buy the best ones from anywhere over the world. Since there are hundreds of opal sellers online, you can buy them at good prices due to the competition that’s constant. Also, the competition makes sure that you get better quality products.

While you are at it, you should request for a picture of the stone on a hand or on a background color that’s neutral rather than black. The black background will make any opal stone look good. You can get cheated or mislead with the pictures of crystal opals or an Ethiopian opals on black backgrounds which will obviously look good. But when you get the product, as the background is not black, you will feel that it’s a totally different thing.

Black opals are the rarest and the most expensive ones and this is why they call for extra caution during their purchase. You should always ask the seller for the body tone and the brightness rating of a black opal stone.

The opal association has come up with a base body tone guide that will help you understand the quality of the opal stone while buying it online. You can use this guide to compare between the products offered by sellers and should buy opals only from those sellers who have guaranteed the grading of the product so that you can return it if it does not meet the claims made by the seller.