Role Of Meditation Cushions

Meditation is the go to solution to treat many of the mental disorders like anxiety and depression or to calm the soul and find peace. There are many postures in meditation like the full lotus pose called the padmasana, half lotus or the cross legged pose, the kneeling pose or the vajrasana and the lying pose or the savasana posture. The guru may suggest various poses depending upon the strength, flexibility and the stage of the yogi.

Meditation Cushions

Whatever maybe the posture of meditation you need a proper support for your hips, thighs and back to maintain the proper alignment of the body known as the S curve with an erect spine, curved in lower back, upper back curved out and a curved in neck. This position is the most comfortable and leads to a peaceful and deep meditation as it eliminates the physical discomfort of the body.

The meditation cushions offer a great support to the knees and back thus allowing the user to achieve the proper S curve. They help to achieve the natural alignment of the spinal cord and maintain it throughout the session.

These cushions come in a large variety of shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of the users depending on the lift required and posture of meditation. The shapes include the traditional round zafu cushion, rectangular zabuton, half moon or crescent shaped, bean shaped cosmic cushion, knee pillows, bench cushions or a simple yoga mat for basic support. These cushions are made of variety of materials like cotton, wool, polyester and come in many eye catchy designs like the ikkat print and the batik painted. The stuffing in these cushions is mostly kapok fibre or buckwheat hull.

Buying these cushions is very easy as there are a number of sites online who sell these meditation cushions online. The price varies depending upon the size, shape, type of material used and the quality of stuffing. There are also meditation sets available which include meditation cushions, meditation mats and the cushion covers which are removable. Many of these sites also offer various discounts from time to time.