The Paper Plane Flight Plan – A Guide to Making a Paper Airplane

For some people, learning to make a paper plane seems to be as complicated as origami. But there really is nothing to do. With a few minutes to spare and a simple sheet of paper to fold, you can have your little winged wonder ready to sneak into the air at will.

When learning how to make the best paper airplane, you must gather the necessary materials

 Now, this may sound funny, since it is obvious that all you need is a simple piece of rectangular paper. But then, the type of paper we use can make a difference. The ideal type would be the paper of the printer, but if it is not available, a sheet of notebook will do the trick. In addition, one may wish to exercise a little more creativity by animating their plane, so that one can use crayons or colored pencils to apply this personal artistic touch.

To start making a paper airplane, take the piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise, with both sides facing each other. Then, a fold is made on one side of the paper and then the same is done on the other side. Once the two sides are identical to each other, the paper is flipped and another sharp fold is made on one side, from the end that had been folded previously. This same procedure is also done on the other side of the article. Once both sides are similar again, the paper is flipped over and another fold is made from the second. As before, the same procedure is performed on the opposite side.

The last wrinkles made on the paper plane are altered to form its wings

 Approximately 4 or 5 inches from the tip of the plane, a small sheet of paper is cut, after which a small paper tab should come out of the inner layers. The eyelash is lifted and the paper is folded once more. The paper shutter is almost finished at this point, and all that remains is to give it some additional touches.


It can be assumed that long before the pilots and astronauts continued their adventures through the stratosphere, they began as dreamy-eyed young people, head in the clouds, which could only travel through their room in orbit their small paper plane. Everybody has to start somewhere, and when learning how to make the best paper airplane, future pilots of tomorrow could give a small boost to their air aspirations.