Are you planning to start a business and require marketing of your product? Then surely, up on meeting the marketing teams, you might have come across much talked about term – “growth hacking”. Growth hacking is one of the latest trend which is soon catching up the entire business world. Unlike traditional marketing, this is the most preferred and innovative technique which is employed. The entire marketing team focuses on one mantra – “growth”. They employ strategy through which they can flourish a small scale start up business to higher ends. And Yes! They successfully succeed too. Do not worry. You do not need to be high end programmer for this task. Although, it is advisable to hire one programmer for this task; he can monitor the analytics data and modify the program to match your needs.

The growth hacking Amsterdam helps you to target for right marketing even in Netherlands.

Some implementation tools are:

  • Some software’s let you access information when a customer has tweeted or posted about. You can invite people to send requests in bulk and attract people attention.
  • A Software known as Calibri.io helps to know where your customer base is. You can enter in to such portals or forums and get engaged to discuss about issues.
  • Social Network such as Twitter lets you to freely market your brand by Click to Tweet. You can tweet about your product and let people know about it.

  • Some relationship management software’s like Nimble, help you to maximise your contacts by accessing all your mails, contacts, social activities and more.
  • A smart way to monitor activities on your website and improvise it by using software like Session Cam, Crazy Egg. This type of software’s allows you to have a view of activity of people on your website. In case of need, you can make relevant changes too.
  • Some software’s like Click tale lets you keep a tap on customer interested data. It is an analytics too which helps to optimize, analyse conversation and provide usable research. You can check the activities of people on forms and engage them in conversation on in-built forms or request for feedback too.

These are some of the many ways through which you can make your start-up company reach a peak height. This trend is not catching up soon in Netherlands. It has been popularly known as growth hacking Amsterdam.