Running a travel blog looks like a fun way to live. Right? As a travel blogger, you get paid for doing two of your most favorite activities: traveling and writing.

Reading of the adventures of those who run travel blogs, seeing all those fun pictures, one would think running a travel blog is so appealing with all its glamour and fun.

But is it?

If you really know the realities of running a travel blog, would you still think it appealing or judge it appalling?

See for yourself.

The behind-the scene truths:

  • Travel blogging takes a lot of work

Yes, you get to travel to places you love and get to share your adventures with the world and that’s fun.

But it takes considerable effort and time to conceptualize and write posts that readers love, not to mention the amount of taking and editing all those countless pictures and videos done after a whole day of traveling.

And how about the work it takes to promote it on social media, on other author platforms just so you get more eyeballs on your post.

  • Travel blogging costs money

You pay for the hosting, you buy all those tools, you pay for the fares, the hotels, you invest in trainings to hone your craft.. all these you may need to do on your own with no sponsor, at least hopefully in the beginning, as you are building your audience.

  • Travel blogging may not earn you money

Expect to earn nothing for the first year. Most advertisers and travel companies won’t work with a site less than one year old and with a small audience. Most of that first year will be dedicated to creating more content and attracting more audiences. And even when you do, the money coming in may not be that regular.

Having said that, here are the perks:

  • Travel blogging helps you experience different places and cultures in the course of doing your work.

You get to travel to places you’ve been wanting to see and get to write about it as part of your work. Beats the 9-5 cubicle, right?

  • Travel blogging allows you to share your adventures with the world.

Not many get to travel. You get to help other people experience the world through your travel blog. That’s making a beautiful impact.

  • Travel blogging may help you earn while doing what you love.

You love traveling.  And you love blogging. As you do it consistently and passionately, you will begin to build a loyal following. As your audience grow, so does opportunities to make money. Sponsors, advertisers and travel companies will be eager to work with you then.

In conclusion, if you have the passion for it, running a travel blog,with all it’s perks and works will be worth it and appealing.

If you don’t, all the works will outweigh  the perks, then all of it will be appalling.

So love it or leave it.