Travel Blogger – Are you one?

Gone are the days when only the rich planned destination vacation. These days with affordable travel, middle-class people have also started travel for pleasure. Traveling is a big business. The global economic contribution of travel and tourism business is around 7.6 trillion US dollars last year. With the reducing global barriers, with the awareness and interest of people shooting up, more and more people have started to go beyond the usual to make their travel truly exciting. The role of a travel blogger has become dominant and essential.

A travel blog eases the planning, booking, organizing the travel. It addresses every major and minor aspect such as which hotel is the best, what are the facilities that are available, what is the weather like, what kind of clothing should be carried, how to talk to the local people, how to bargain with them, where to find the best local food,  what are the best things to buy etc .

A travel blogger describes the look and feel of the place for his readers to see through his eyes. When he shares his experience, it becomes very relatable to the reader to plan his own. A travel blogger makes money by travelling to all the exotic places in the world and writing about his/her experience. He would put up eye-catching pictures of striking locations and narrate what he has encountered during his travels.

Rome is not built in a day. A travel blogger’s job is not lucrative when he starts off. But once he establishes his credibility, he builds a brand then he zooms off.  With this strong foundation, he makes partnerships with brands, gets invitations to travel around the world. He has the cake and eats it too. The skills and value that he carries is what helps him to make money. On the hindsight, his job can be exhausting. It takes up a lot of time and energy. He must have the technology and social media skills.

Dan Flying Solo, A Broken Backpack, Lili’s Travel Plans are the top international travel bloggers to follow. Shivya Nath, Anuradha Goyal, Karthik Reddy are the top travel bloggers from India.